Welcome to my first blog.. I have set this up to document the progress of setting up and holding a photographic exhibition as part of my course at University..

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Don McCullin Exhibition..

I visited the Don McCullin exhibition on Friday 21st of October. It was very inspirational to see the work of a great artist up close on large prints, with all the detail of each photograph on display. The layout of the exhibition was a simple white wall square space with the prints framed and hung in sets around the space. The photographs were framed with an inner edge of about 2 inches of white space then the framing itself was a dark wood. I think this was very successful for the type of prints they were, being black and white documentary shots of figures and landscapes it allowed you to concentrate on each individual image. They also varied in size and shape, some being square, others portrait, landscape and all mixed together.

Further Promotion of Our Exhibition..

We have posted our exhibition on the Ideas Tap website which you can view here:
Hopefully this will now circulate amongst the artistic community on the website and get our exhibition out there!

We have also contacted Digital SLR Photography magazine, who have replied with great news!

Thanks for sending the information over. The flyer looks great. As far as promoting it within the magazine I can offer some advertising space to promote the exhibition to the 33,184 official readers of the magazine every month.

The flyers dimensions look like a 1/8 page which I can offer for one month at £ 65 + vat

Please give me a call or email if you have any questions regarding the magazine or the advert.

Many thanks

Josh Rouse

Group Sales Executive
Digital SLR Photography

We have the opportunity here to have an advert in a popular magazine where the readers will all be likely to be interested in our exhibition, being a perfect platform to advertise it. We still have to discuss the issues of funding the advertisement, but this is far cheaper than the previous offer we had for Mayhem! magazine. I think we are due for another meeting!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Advert in 'Flagship' Magazine..

The Portsmouth Council magazine 'Flagship' have agreed to place our exhibition in their 'Whats On' listing, giving us good exposure across Portsmouth to hopefully attract local people to our exhibition.

British University Artists..

After contacting the people at the British University Artists website we recieved a response!

Hi Oana,

Thanks for getting in touch. We've all been out of the office for a
couple of days now, so I'm personally picking this up on the hop so to

Very interested first in your show in December and then also in
potentially handling a few sales for you via the galley. What would be
helpful is of you could send me (on about 5 different emails) a
collection of say 5 to 15 images of work you'd like considering. From
there we'll look at these and assess what options we think may be open
to the work.

Hope that sounds reasonable to you?



bua, founder

From this we basically have the opportunity to promote our exhibition and our own work through the gallery. If we manage to make any sales this will also provide us with some finance for the exhibition. We will each send one photo to Robin that he will then put into the gallery for their viewers to visit.

Keep Updated With 'The Big Picture'..

Here are the various websites you'll need to keep updated with the progress of our exhibition..

 - The Facebook event page, let us know if your coming!
 - Twitter
 - Join the facebook group too!

Paul Thurlow Guest Speaker!..

After a group meeting to discuss our project and to gather more ideas, we have decided to expand our exhibition by bringing in guest speakers and possibly include other photographers work to make it more of a Photo Fair rather than a simple exhibition. This will then allow us to make the most of the big screen for the speakers to utilise in presenting work. Paul Thurlow is our first guest speaker that we have confirmed for one day of the exhibition, he is a portrait photographer based in Portsmouth that has agreed to come and give a presentation discussing originality with a few examples.

Oana Damir contacting Paul. Here is the email we received:

Hi oana
Hope you are well. I would love to be involved. I could do only one day at the moment,would that be ok? I think I would talk and show pictures based on a variety of themes, but the main theme would be originality and the many ways to achieve it. How does that sound?

Have a nice weekend and thank you for thinking of me, it's very humbling

Kind regards


Wednesday, October 19, 2011


We had a meeting today to discuss the presentation we are doing tomorrow pitching our idea. This was very useful as it meant we had a summary of what we had so far and what we need to do in the future, getting everyone up to speed on where we are at with the project.

Update: Our presentation went very well, I was key speaker for the advertising team and I think we delivered our pitch well.

Logo Idea..

This is an edit of the previous leaflet idea. I used the silhouette heads as I felt this was a good design idea that connotes the cinematic experience of the exhibition. I then adapted the rest using a font that I felt was more appropriate, almost a classic cinema text you would see on film posters from the 1950s, however the simple bold black and white scheme brings a modern feel to it. This design could either be used for a logo or with more information on the back it could be used as a leaflet design also.

Victoria's Leaflet Design..

Here is a other design that was created by Victoria Willment, it's simple and has nice tones to it but I don't think its as eye catching as some previous designs.

Dragon Soop..

We have managed to secure our first sponsor! Dragon Soop is a mixture of Vodka and caffeine in various flavours, variations of which is a popular drink to find in clubs and pubs. They have offered us 5 crates of Dragon Soop which is 40 cans, then also 3 crates of their cider HCC Black containing 72 cans in total. We would then in turn place 'Sponsored by Dragon Soop' on our posters and leaflets etc. This will allow us to offer free drinks and advertise this on our leaflets which may attract more people to the exhibition. We may now have to start thinking about how to distribute it fairly to ensure there aren't any intoxicated people running around the place!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Big Picture..

Based off of his previous design, Will Rudman designed another leaflet incorporating the new name. I think this is the most successful leaflet so far, it's bold and stylised by the current trend. It will be eye catching when handing them out and I think people will be intrigued to learn more after seeing this. We can then use the reverse side to include more information such as how to get to the venue and what the project is all about.

This design is by Mateusz Migas. The most successful part of this design is the silhouette heads like a cinema screen. It eludes to the fact that the exhibition is going to be like a cinematic experience and gives the viewer the information they need without it being written down. I think the crisp writing of Will's design was however more stylish and appropriate for the market we are going for, but I suggest perhaps we could combine the two together and use the silhouette heads on Will's design.


Something we've been putting off for a long time whilst getting the right venue is the actual title of our exhibition. We decided to get everybody to come up with a name then post it on our group page, then have a poll to decide what name everybody would like to use. We wanted the name to be relevant to the fact we have a huge screen to view them on, as that is our biggest selling point of our exhibition, but we also came up with a few relevant to the name of the projects the images will be drawn from. Some of the names we came up with were; 'Breaking The Boundaries', 'Restricted Area', '15 Recycled Lands', 'Recycled Spaces', 'Space Invaders', 'Screen Invaders', 'One Big Screen' and finally 'The Big Picture'.
We decided almost categorically that 'The Big Picture', that Daniel Nouari suggested is going to be the best name for the exhibition, so we can now start to think about leaflet designs around that title.

One Big Screen..

One of the titles that has been floating around is 'One Big Screen'. I think this one relates too much to the big screen on Guildhall Square and may confuse people, although it's on the right lines of promoting the big screen as part of the exhibition. Will Rudman designed this flyer, it's bold and the style is very much the trend at the moment. The simplicity of it makes it appear very professional and the printing costs would be low as it is all only black and white. We can use the reverse side for all the necessary information and possibly include some images.

Oana's Leaflet Design..

A member of the group came up with a title and flyer design..

This design is more modern and update compared to the one I designed earlier on, with crisp edges, lines and modern style text. This may appeal more to the modern market, although it's slightly busy with the newspaper style background. Recycled Spaces is a name that has been suggested although I'm not sure it's the name we will stick with for the exhibition.

Pete Codling Exhibition Piece..

The artist Pete Codling has been working on the final piece to be exhibited at the Gallery Space at Portsmouth University before it's knocked down. Here he has drawn straight onto the walls with charcoal to produce the mural. This makes the art much more integrated with the space it's in, rather than temporarily exhibiting the work hung on the walls, this piece is actually part of the building itself. In my opinion this is a much more interesting way to present work, as the art goes with the natural shapes and contours of the building.
All rights to the art work in the video are with Pete Codling.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Visit to No.6 Cinema..

On Tuesday 11th October we went as group to visit the venue. We discovered that we also have a large room that leads to the big screen to display prints individually. There is enough room there to be able to have several large prints on our own section, meaning people can come and look at the photography they most enjoyed from the slideshow in more detail. As you can see from the photos there is plenty of space on the upstair floor. At the moment the room is full of interactive learning equipment which we will have to border off as to not confuse the people coming to view the exhibition.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Mayhem! Magazine..

A member of the group has managed to get in contact with Daniel Tidbury, the publisher of Mayhem! magazine. He has offered us a page in the magazine to do what we like with it, put a full page advert up or we could think about having some writing informing people further about the exhibition. We could contact some other students who are interested in writing articles who could write about our exhibition for us to accompany our advert. This could be interviewing members of the group or it could be an external view on the exhibition itself (a positive one).


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Venue Secured!..

We have managed to secure our first choice of venue, the No.6 Cinema. After a member of the group met with Kerry the Events Manager and pitched the idea, she was on board with our idea and has offered the dates of December the 8th and 9th to hold our exhibition. Due to the closure of the Dockyard that the venue is situated in at 5, the exhibition can only be open between the hours of 10:30am to 4:30pm which is causing some issues between the group as some members feel that it should be in the evening to attract as many visitors as possible. I don't think this is a problem though as it is not unusual for other galleries to hold their viewings during the day, such as the National Gallery that closes at 6pm most days.
Here is the email we received:

"It was a pleasure to meet with you today and discuss your ideas for utilising Action Stations for your Art exhibition project. I would be delighted to offer you our venue to help you with your project and I can certainly book you in for the Thursday 8 December. I know we discussed extra dates but once back in my office and checking the diary I can see other events pencilled in so I am unable to offer you the 3 days but can still offer you a 2 day option ie Friday 9 December.

As I would very much like to assist in making your project a successful one, I would like to offer you our venue at a heavily discounted price of £375 + VAT for the 2 days (that’s approx £30 per exhibitor based on 15?). Our normal hire charge for the facilities you are using would be £1500 + VAT per day.

As discussed at our meeting, the space would be pretty much yours to do as you require, keep me in the loop with any ideas you have just in case there is a restriction? For the delivery and set up of equipment I would require names and vehicle registration, make of car etc if you require close access to the building – there is no parking though, so it is strictly unloading and loading only.

I would advise timings should be 10:30 – 16:30 for each of the days but I can arrange access for those requiring set up either the day before in the afternoon or the morning of the event at 08:30.

If you would be so kind as to let me know if there is a title to your art exhibition for marketing and advertising purposes, as I might be able to request PHD to advertise it on their website and in the visitor centre as I am sure they would be interested to, especially as you guys are happy for the exhibit to be viewed by public – It basically adds an extra value attraction to their ticket price, if you see what I mean? So it should in their interest really to advertise your exhibition.

Please let me know as soon as you can with regards to the whole group giving the thumbs up on our venue? Do not hesitate to come back to me if you have any further questions or any queries on the hire charge.

Kind regards

Kerry has been very helpful in discounting the price to make it more affordable for us, which helps on the financial side although we still need to look for extra help with funding. We only have the other issue of finding somewhere to hang prints, as I and many other members feel this is important as well as having the slideshow so visitors can look in more detail at certain pieces of work. We could also leave contact details there such as our websites so they can view our other works.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Leaflet Design.. Reverse Side

This is an example of how we could design the reverse side of the flyer. Here there will be more information on the location and the exhibition itself. I think its important to include several images that will be included in the exhibition so people who are interested will get a good idea of what to expect, this may entice more people in. 

3rd Meeting..New Leaflet Designs

At our 3rd meeting we joined together our ideas for the presentation that is going to be held tomorrow morning. I am presenting for the advertising group so I am currently working on bringing together all the ideas we have formed to be able to present them. We were thinking about how to advertise the exhibition, such as in the local newspaper, with flyers, leaflets, then what information to include on those leaflets. I have also produced several other versions of the original leaflet idea to illustrate our ideas:

Can't Use Brick Room..

We discovered after further research that the room with the exposed brick is actually in Gosport and not the No. 6 Cinema along the Historic Dockyards, so this room is off the table and we are going to have to come up with another solution if we want to have hung prints. A possible idea is to put up boards although this may look slightly amateurish.

2nd Meeting.. Reply to our Email!

We had our second meeting on Tuesday 4th October to discuss the progress of our project and individual group tasks. We are presenting our project idea on Thursday 6th so we are currently preparing for that. As I am part of the advertising group we are discussing all the different elements that need to addressed to successfully advertise our exhibition and ensure enough people know about it to turn up! Also we decided to expand on the initial leaflet I designed, such as different colouring and perhaps designing a reverse side with more information. Shortly after the meeting we discovered that a member of our group received a response from the Events Manager at the No. 6 Cinema who is interested in the idea and wants to meet to discuss it further. Watch this space!

Underground Room..

During the meeting a member of our group presented us with a booklet to promote the building to businesses to rent out the spaces they have available. We discovered a new room in the booklet that looks great for putting up prints to compliment the big screen projection. There is also another smaller projector in that room that we could also use if we manage to get permission to use that room also. The entire room is exposed brick so has a very cold feel to it but would be a refreshing change from the plain white wall type exhibition space. Once we get a reply from the original emails we have been sending to get the initial room we can also enquire about this room.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Shots of Venue.. No.6 Boathouse

Outside of the building
Seating to view projection

These are the images showing the main projection room that we are hoping to hold our exhibition, there is plenty of room to sit or stand and view. The images would look very impressive up on the huge cinema screen.
Projection Screen

1st Meeting..

We had our first meeting on Monday 3rd October to discuss how far we had gotten with our idea. Members of our group had managed to get in to the No. 6 boathouse to take a few images of the venue and to have a look to see if it would be suitable. We are hopefully going to be able to use the projection room to present a slideshow of our images that people can come an view at their leisure. Once we have made contact with somebody who can give us an answer on whether we can go ahead or not we can then start thinking about how to set up the images.
We have also decided to split into 3 separate groups: Advertising, Funding and Location. This will allow each group to focus on different important areas of the project, I am part of the advertising team deciding on how we will promote this exhibition with the right aesthetics and themes to suit our projects.