Welcome to my first blog.. I have set this up to document the progress of setting up and holding a photographic exhibition as part of my course at University..

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ingrid Weel..

I decided to contact the photographer Ingrid Weel, who is a fantastic portrait photographer that I have worked with before to gain a little work experience in the past. I thought Ingrid would be a great person to gain a perspective on a real life working photographer who works with corporate, wedding and personal portraiture photography and would be a real benefit to our exhibition. Ingrid glady said yes to helping us out with our exhibition and this evening I drove up to Cherstsey to film her in her own studio talking about the kind of photography she does. I asked her to speak about a variety of topics and gathered a lot of her photography to overlay on the exhibition when she is speaking about that work. I've also borrowed a few of her books to put out at the exhibition to look through and make it more tactile for the viewer.

This is our set up for the filming!

30/11/11 Busy Day!..

We met for a meeting this morning at 10am, discussed a lot of issues the main ones being the boards and guest speakers. We are currently having a mixture of speakers and recordings of photographers talking about their work to be played on the cinema screen. We are considering just recording everybody so we don't interfere too much with the slideshow, our other problem is ensuring enough people turn up to make the guest speakers time worthwhile! For now we have compromised on only having one guest speaker per day to ensure its an important  event during the day and people will hopefully gather around.
We have had no luck finding anymore large boards to pin work up on, an alternative is to have tables and a trifold board that will sit on top. This will also allow space for leaflets and other information to go on in front of the work.
After the meeting we went round handing out leaflets for a few hours, making sure we hit all the university buildings and all the pubs and arty shops along Albert Rd. Hopefully this will help spread the word with the exhibition only a week away!

Express FM..

Two members of our group were on Express Fm on Monday promoting our exhibition! Will get the recording posted up here soon!

CCI Funding..

Last week on Thurs 24th Nov Arriane and Johnny pitched our idea to a a board who judge whether we'll get the funding for our exhibition. We'll hear soon whether or not we are successful, fingers crossed!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Behind The Scenes..

Today we shot our short introduction clips for the exhibition. The plan here is to give the viewers a quick overview of each project, also introducing the artist who created the work which is important too. We have a wide variety of ideas and personalities, so I think its important to show the individual who created the work, to stop all the photography blurring into one. We had good fun filming this there are quite a few outtakes! These will be uploaded soon for you to enjoy!
Here's our set up:

Clipper Tea!..

As not everybody will want to be drinking the alcohol we are providing, we're also going to provide hot tea courtesy of Clipper Tea! This should cater for everybody and provide a nice atmosphere, we now just need to think about getting a large vat to keep the water hot..

UPDATE: The Clipper Tea and cups have arrived!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

CCI Newsletter..

We're on the CCI Newsletter :) hopefully this will attract some guests!

View full stories with images click here for the CCI blog, www.port.ac.uk/update 

25 November: View CCI students work at Effervescence VI at West Dean's Auditorium
26 November: 7.30 NTR University Orchestra & Big Band 
29 November: 6-6.30 View Students' Photographs in St Mary's Hospital - rsvp to me
29 November: 7.30pm Steampunk Sandman Tickets �3 student �5 New Theatre Royal
30 November: Materials Event - Architecture/RIBA. Contact: Nicholas.hebden@port.ac.uk 
1 December: 6pm Aspex after Hours
November and December: Guildhall Square events 
December: 7.30pm Ensemble 360 - Intimate Letters. www.musicintheround.co.uk 
7 December: 6pm Prof David Brown Inaugural Lecture - The Future of Intelligent Machines
8-9 December: 10.30am-4.30pm The Big Picture Level 2 Photography, No.6 Cinema 12pm PV
8-10 December: 1-6pm Artea Photography Level 2, Ultraviolet Gallery, Highland Road
9 December: 6-9pm Level 2 Photography 14M Squared at Bonzo, Albert Road

Letters To Schools..

One thing I haven't mentioned is that we invited lots of schools to our exhibition and the other exhibitions that are going on over the same period. We thought that there may be some prospective students who may be interested in coming to the University of Portsmouth and seeing some of the tasks involved on the Photography course would be beneficial to them. This could draw a very large crowd to our exhibition which would also benefit the guest speakers as they will have more people to present to! Here is the letter we sent to various local schools:


You may have noticed that we have added Wagamama to our poster, we were fortunate enough to be sent £30 worth of vouchers for Wagamama's to use as we wish. Over a recent meeting, there were several ideas of how they could be used to draw more attention to the exhibition, such as a prize draw or raffle type thing. I came up with the idea to use them as an incentive for people to give feedback on our exhibition. If people write a message in our guestbook, or on our online feedback form, then they are put into a draw to win the vouchers. It will be important to get the information so I think this would be a good use of the vouchers.

Flyer Printing..

We've decided collectively to go for 1000 flyers as a starting point. We can always order more so they will be all over Portsmouth in the weeks to come! We're also getting our poster printed so also look out for that!


Lauren has been in contact with the musician David Oliver, who has produced this piece for our exhibition. Its quite melancholic, but suits well as background music and would provide a good atmosphere for the exhibition. It will most likely just be playing in the cinema screen to compliment the slide show.

Live Feed..

"I ve talked woth my friend from Film studies and she said she'll help us with the live feed and filming at the exhibition (she can be there from 11am)
She said she can bring a professional video camera, microphone and tripod and she's looking into bringing another camera because we have two rooms and another student from film maybe to help her out. The only thing she said needs someone to help with transport to and from our location (a car)
also,we need a laptop for thr live feed she wants to know exactly how we want to do that


Looks like our live feed is going to be possible! We have all the equipment and willing film students to film on the day!

Final Leaflet Design & Logo..

We have finally all agreed on the exact leaflet design that has gone to print! We decided to stick with our crisp black and white design that Will Rudman created with a few improvements here and there, we've also added all the new information now we have confirmation from several people. All the necessary information is on there such as the date and time, location, the event info and a list of all our names to show who is exhibiting.


With a few minor tweaks this leaflet is ready to go to print! I think this leaflet is eye catching and displays all the information clearly and efficiently. The front side aiming to draw people in then all the information is on the reverse side. As the venue is situated in a difficult spot to find, we decided to include a simple map that will guide people to the exhibition. We've also got our logo up there that has been designed around the same theme, we went for a circular design as this helps it be distinguished from the rest of the leaflet and will look good on our website..

Fergus Heron..

The photographer Fergus Heron came in to speak to us about his work during one of our lectures, we thought his talk would also benefit the people who come visit our exhibition too. His photography is maticulously arranged, thinking about every part of the image and he often works on a project for months. He relies on the weather to be overcast, to prevent any shadows or highlights to be created by the sun, which he claims allows the subject of the image to show its own shadows and highlights created by the subject matter and to bring out every last detail. He would often leave a shoot if there isn't a blanket of grey cloud in the sky. In my opinion this makes for a dull and mundane photograph, especially when the subject is the coastline or Charles Church Houses.

However I do like his photographs of motorways, the absence of life and stillness makes for quite a powerful image.

We decided to contact him to see if he was available to come and talk at our exhibition about his work and his approach to photography.
However we received this message:

CCI Funding..

Matt Migas and John Horgan filled out the application form for funding from the CCI department, as we need money for leaflets, venue, printing, display boards and lots of other things that are all adding up to be quite expensive! We've been having plenty of meetings and chipping in here and there for odd things, but the cost of hire for the main venue is around £370, plus the cost of leaflets and posters it is nearing £500, since the efforts to be sponsored by Fuji fell through we could really use some help!
We received this after sending off our application:

Hello John,

Thank you for the application to the above fund.

Please could you and/or a small team make a presentation to our selection panel on the 24th November 2011 at 15.15?

This will be in the meeting room on the 7th Floor Mercantile building.

Ideally this should be a brief 'pitch' of no more than 10 minutes and then there will be some discussion and question time. Overall it should last no more than 30 minutes.

There will be a PC/screen available if you would like to use digital visual aids.

The final panel is to be confirmed but I expect it will be four people.

Please could you confirm if this is possible.



We have the opportunity here to receive the funding we need, so we are going to gather our best speakers to attend the meeting and pitch our idea to the panel. There will be some time to produce a decent presentation that we will then be set with to pitch our idea, will update on how it goes Thursday!

Guest Speakers..

We already have Paul Thurlow confirmed as a guest speaker on the day, we now have another speaker, Daniel Alexander. Daniel is a lecturer at the University of Portsmouth and is currently working on a project called 1 day 6 cities where he and lots of other photographers took images at every hour over the 24 hours on the 11/11/11. Follow the link to find out more about this project, or find more about Daniel as his website:

Daniel will be speaking on the day to give the exhibition a bit more of an interesting feature to attract more people to visit.

As we are also nearing the time of the exhibition, we made the decision in our group meeting to video record photographers and play this through the cinema screen rather than try to organise them to come in person. This will allow us to get many more photographers to be involved in the exhibition. We already have one planned to be recorded soon, Melanie Simmons is an experimental photographer who creates photograms and works with photomontage and is going to record a short piece to be played at the exhibition. Visit her website here:


We finally have our website up and running, with a few hitches but most of the information is on there! You can find out exactly what everybody's projects are about on there and links to their websites/blogs etc. We will also (hopefully) be having a live feed of the exhibition, which you'll be able to view over the 2 days.

Visit Us!


We've managed to receive another £50 in sponsorship with "A&R Munson Opticians", in return we will be putting the logo onto our leaflets and posters. There are lots of things to pay for so even the smaller donations will be very helpful!

Time to Update!..

As this blog has been stagnating slightly over the last couple of weeks I've decided to get updated on everything! A lot has been going on with the exhibition only 2 weeks away so hopefully I'll be able to get all the information down tonight for you!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Steve McCurry Exhibition..

The third exhibition I visited on Friday 21st Oct was the Steve McCurry exhibition at the Chris Beetles Fine Photographs gallery. The photography was fantastic, I was inspired by the amazing saturation of colour McCurry uses that is eye catching and keeps you engaged with his work. You are drawn in by the amazing reproduction of colour he has achieved in his printing. The actual gallery space was the typical 'White Cube' space which worked well on this occasion, the photography itself was so stunning that it didn't need any other way to present it than being framed and hung on a white wall. If it was displayed any other way then it could have lessened the impact of each image and be distracting for the viewer. Most of the images were the same size (approximately a3) in a dark frame with about a 2in white border. I thought this was a very neat and tidy way of presenting the images and each image flowed on from one to the other easily making it pleasant to walk around the gallery.

Mick Jagger: Young In The 60s

Another exhibition I visited whilst up in London at the National Portrait Gallery was the Mick Jagger: Young In The 60s series. It included shots of the band and individual portraits of Mick Jagger. I found it interesting to see how his surroundings were influenced by psychedelia, and then how this has an effect on the way he dresses also. It felt like a real look into the lives of Jagger and the rest of the band, giving you an insight into how they were living while writing their music. It was only a small exhibition, the layout made it feel quite intimate which I think enhanced the experience. The architecture of the building reminded me of the room we initially wanted to use for our own exhibition, with exposed brickwork and arches, it showed that this could have been quite a successful way of presenting the work. The style of the exhibition suits the subject of the photographs, which is very important and  we each need to consider individually when displaying prints at our exhibition.