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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

30/11/11 Busy Day!..

We met for a meeting this morning at 10am, discussed a lot of issues the main ones being the boards and guest speakers. We are currently having a mixture of speakers and recordings of photographers talking about their work to be played on the cinema screen. We are considering just recording everybody so we don't interfere too much with the slideshow, our other problem is ensuring enough people turn up to make the guest speakers time worthwhile! For now we have compromised on only having one guest speaker per day to ensure its an important  event during the day and people will hopefully gather around.
We have had no luck finding anymore large boards to pin work up on, an alternative is to have tables and a trifold board that will sit on top. This will also allow space for leaflets and other information to go on in front of the work.
After the meeting we went round handing out leaflets for a few hours, making sure we hit all the university buildings and all the pubs and arty shops along Albert Rd. Hopefully this will help spread the word with the exhibition only a week away!

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