Welcome to my first blog.. I have set this up to document the progress of setting up and holding a photographic exhibition as part of my course at University..

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ingrid Weel Presentation..

Here is a screen shot of the video I filmed for the exhibition. This video was a brief outline of Ingrid's work and some advice to students who are starting out. We tried to direct it towards students, and I think it was beneficial to the exhibition as it gave other students an insight into the life of a working photographer. After I'd filmed the clips, I organised them and added photos into a folder, then Will Rudman put the clips together for the slideshow. We had some feedback that some people thought it was too long, so we changed it to be every other time around it would play. If we had more time and money, it could have been an idea to have several artist videos on a separate screen, or possibly a small touchscreen computer that people can select what videos they want to view. This would have allowed our videos to repeat separately on the large screen.

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