Welcome to my first blog.. I have set this up to document the progress of setting up and holding a photographic exhibition as part of my course at University..

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Work..

These images show the two different aspects of our exhibition, the cinema screen and the prints on the white space. The cinema screen added a new element to the standard exhibition space, making it much more interesting for the public to come and visit. I think this helped to attract people as it may have been something they haven't seen before. It also allowed people to come and sit down, when you are viewing lots of work it can get tiring walking around the exhibition, so this created a more comfortable environment for the visitors. The images looked great on the screen, we had our doubts as to whether they may be pixelated or blurry, but everyones photographs came out great. We had the introductory message to each person's work, helping the viewer understand a bit about the piece before viewing it, which we recorded earlier on. Overall I think the exhibition came across looking quite professional and all the photographers were available to talk to which is a benefit for the viewers, to be able to talk to us about our work.

My work on the cinema screen.

My prints on the white space

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