Welcome to my first blog.. I have set this up to document the progress of setting up and holding a photographic exhibition as part of my course at University..

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Lastly I just want to mention that this is only the end of one exhibition, hopefully there will be more next year and I will continue this blog to keep it updated with everything that is happening.
I am very pleased with how the exhibition turned out, hopefully this experience will give me a good idea of how to go about the next one!
The Big Picture 2011

Ingrid Weel Presentation..

Here is a screen shot of the video I filmed for the exhibition. This video was a brief outline of Ingrid's work and some advice to students who are starting out. We tried to direct it towards students, and I think it was beneficial to the exhibition as it gave other students an insight into the life of a working photographer. After I'd filmed the clips, I organised them and added photos into a folder, then Will Rudman put the clips together for the slideshow. We had some feedback that some people thought it was too long, so we changed it to be every other time around it would play. If we had more time and money, it could have been an idea to have several artist videos on a separate screen, or possibly a small touchscreen computer that people can select what videos they want to view. This would have allowed our videos to repeat separately on the large screen.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Work..

These images show the two different aspects of our exhibition, the cinema screen and the prints on the white space. The cinema screen added a new element to the standard exhibition space, making it much more interesting for the public to come and visit. I think this helped to attract people as it may have been something they haven't seen before. It also allowed people to come and sit down, when you are viewing lots of work it can get tiring walking around the exhibition, so this created a more comfortable environment for the visitors. The images looked great on the screen, we had our doubts as to whether they may be pixelated or blurry, but everyones photographs came out great. We had the introductory message to each person's work, helping the viewer understand a bit about the piece before viewing it, which we recorded earlier on. Overall I think the exhibition came across looking quite professional and all the photographers were available to talk to which is a benefit for the viewers, to be able to talk to us about our work.

My work on the cinema screen.

My prints on the white space


After a short break after the exhibition to catch up on other work, I'm finally back to tell you how it went! Considering we had almost 100 people visit each day, and with all the work still intact after giving out several crates of free alcohol I'd say it was a success! We have also had a lot of great feedback in our guestbook which was very rewarding after all the hard work we've put into the exhibition. 
Here are a few photos taken at the exhibition.


Physical work we had displayed (Books, Business Cards, Flyers)

The Exhibition Space

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Walk around our exhibition!..

Apologies for the poor quality but here you can get a rough idea of how our exhibition looked! Taking you around the prints and up to the cinema screen.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 2..

Its day 2 of our exhibition! We had 81 people visit yesterday with lots of positive feedback in our guestbook. Hoping for a similar turn out today, see what happens! Ill post pictures up this evening with a video tour too!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Setting Up Today!..

We're heading off to the dockyards today to get set up for tomorrow! All the prints are mounted and boards will be set up, will also be testing the presentation to make sure thats all running smoothly..fingers crossed it all goes well!

Monday, December 5, 2011


We are having problems over the amount of board we are going to having for everybody and whether we are going to be able to get the boards there in the first place! Over the weekend I decided to get my own piece of board to present my prints at the exhibition. Instead of the tri-fold type of board I bought one huge 3ft x3ft piece that can sit on a table. I sprayed it white to give it a clean look and make my images stand out more.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ingrid Weel..

I decided to contact the photographer Ingrid Weel, who is a fantastic portrait photographer that I have worked with before to gain a little work experience in the past. I thought Ingrid would be a great person to gain a perspective on a real life working photographer who works with corporate, wedding and personal portraiture photography and would be a real benefit to our exhibition. Ingrid glady said yes to helping us out with our exhibition and this evening I drove up to Cherstsey to film her in her own studio talking about the kind of photography she does. I asked her to speak about a variety of topics and gathered a lot of her photography to overlay on the exhibition when she is speaking about that work. I've also borrowed a few of her books to put out at the exhibition to look through and make it more tactile for the viewer.

This is our set up for the filming!

30/11/11 Busy Day!..

We met for a meeting this morning at 10am, discussed a lot of issues the main ones being the boards and guest speakers. We are currently having a mixture of speakers and recordings of photographers talking about their work to be played on the cinema screen. We are considering just recording everybody so we don't interfere too much with the slideshow, our other problem is ensuring enough people turn up to make the guest speakers time worthwhile! For now we have compromised on only having one guest speaker per day to ensure its an important  event during the day and people will hopefully gather around.
We have had no luck finding anymore large boards to pin work up on, an alternative is to have tables and a trifold board that will sit on top. This will also allow space for leaflets and other information to go on in front of the work.
After the meeting we went round handing out leaflets for a few hours, making sure we hit all the university buildings and all the pubs and arty shops along Albert Rd. Hopefully this will help spread the word with the exhibition only a week away!